João de Oliveira
Architecture Office

Archiprix Portugal 2018 Winner
XV Prémio Secil Universidades Winner
Young Talent Architecture Awards 2018 Shortlisted

Candle & Square

CANDLE is a functional design object, in the form of an abstract geometric lighting sculpture, inspired by the fisherman’s frail light structures in Portuguese beaches. It has legs to sit in the ground, a trunk to stand high and arms to spread its light towards the surrounding space and its relative: the SQUARE.

SQUARE is an architectuural outdoor installation, in the form of an abstract geometric space, inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s “Ran” temporary military structures and the informal drying-of-clothes in terraces. The squared structure, built from big horizontally assembled canvases, is suspended over the grass through nearby-tree attachments.

Two competition entries for Budapest in collaboration with Csaba Budai.

Visualizations: João de Oliveira, Csaba Budai