João de Oliveira
Architecture Office

Archiprix Portugal 2018 Winner
XV Prémio Secil Universidades Winner
Young Talent Architecture Awards 2018 Shortlisted

Lights of Points & Lines

The Helm, the Anchor and the Mast are three collections of geometric lighting objects, inspired by the fishermans frail light structures in Portuguese beaches. To enlighten public exterior or interior spaces, living or functional domestic areas, small corners of rooms or desks, they consist of structures made from long metal and glass profiles, differing on their appearance by means of their designed elements and light projection.

With a variety of finishings and dimmable options, the lamps may add an unique and elegant character to their surrounding environment. Through their light and crossed design, the three collections create reference points in space and help one navigate in the built environment, letting lights be lights.

Product Design in collaboration with Csaba Budai.

Visualizations: João de Oliveira, Csaba Budai
Acknowledgments: Galula Studio